i felt alone so i held my own hand

I should be sleeping but I’m thinking about feminism

Anonymous: I'd lick your anus wrinkles tbh



Imagine a guy cumming in you and when he cums it just starts bubbling up and you start to feel your insides blowing up because of the cum bubbles and you slowly start to float off the ground. You look up and see a fan spinning. You scream for grandpa joe he tells you “JUST FART AND YOU FLOAT DOWN” you begin farting and cum bubbles float out into the world as you touch your feet on the ground again

imagine licking my anus wrinkles

let’s drag this hypocrite

let’s drag this hypocrite

imagine ur about to have sex with someone and then they ask u if they can film it on their gopro




No but honestly if you have an uncut dick please make sure to pull the foreskin back & clean inside that because not everyone is willing to have cheese in the menu

I like to keep it clean but a Lil smelly :) It still need to taste like Dick otherwise its just like ur sucking a fat finger lol


I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.
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